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South and SouthEast in Bloom

Borough Judging Day 12 July 2016


On 12 July two judges from South and SouthEast in Bloom, Fiona Phillips and Kevin Taitt visited Fareham to judge the Borough in the Small City category.


They commenced their tour at Portchester Northern Junior School where a presentation was given by Matt Wakefield, the Borough's Horticultural Development Officer. They then met some of the volunteer helpers and were shown round the school grounds by the children. From there their tour covered the Crematorium and Portchester Memorial Gardens, and they then travelled into the town centre where they saw the Sensory Garden of Reflection and Westbury Manor garden. They then took a short walk through the town centre and then into the shopping centre to meet the management, who are great supporters of Fareham in Bloom. After then viewing the Civic gardens a lunch break, organised by the Fareham in Bloom team, took place in the Ferneham Hall and they then went on to the Western Wards finishing up at Holly Hill Country Park. We await the results at the presentation day on 14 September.


Special thanks to Lucketts Coaches for transport for the day and to Ferneham Hall for accomodating the buffet lunch at short notice. A picnic was planned at Holly Hill but due to an unfavorable weather forecast it had to be rearranged, (and yes it did rain heavily while the judges were at Holly Hill).

Bringing People and Parks Together is our Fareham in Bloom community environmental campaign. Established in1996 it aims to improve and sustain the local environment whilst encouraging active participation in parks and horticultural activities for the long term benefit of the residents and visitors to the Borough.

The campaign is run as a partnership between the Council and a dedicated group of Coordinators who work tirelessly throughout the year to deliver a programme of activities which seek to involve the community. Attendance numbers over the last year have been in excess of 14000 with a staggering 9000 volunteer hours given in support of the Borough’s parks and green spaces, which is a real testimony to the reputation and support that we have.

We feel we have established something quite special, in fact it could be said to be quite unique. Eighteen years on and involving literally thousands of people who participate and give willingly to support what has become a very well respected community engaging campaign; Fareham in Bloom continues to excel with new and innovative ideas.

Bringing People and Parks Together is what we do and do well.


The Fareham in Bloom Team