Fareham in Bloom

Bringing people and parks together




South and Southeast In Bloom - Borough Judging


Fareham is being judged in the regional competition of Britian in Bloom on Tuesday 15th July. The judge's route takes them from Portchester through the town centre and out as far as Holly Hill Country Park in Sarisbury Green. As well as the Borough being judged, three town centre parks are to be judged separately. They are The Civic Gardens, The Sensory Garden of Reflection and Westbury Manor Garden. The awards will be announced at a ceremony in Brighton in September.


Fareham in Bloom local competition.


Applications for entry into this year's competition have now closed and judging is under way.


Colour Scheme


This year's colour scheme is "Shades of red and maroon, with a hint of blue, set against lime, silver and white". These are the colours that will be used throughout the Borough in the bedding schemes etc. this year.


Easter Egg Hunt


Congratulations to the winner of the feed back form draw Ms K Riddell of Portchester. She wins a family ticket, kindly donated by Ferneham Hall, to the pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in December.



Bringing People and Parks Together is our Fareham in Bloom community environmental campaign. Established in1996 it aims to improve and sustain the local environment whilst encouraging active participation in parks and horticultural activities for the long term benefit of the residents and visitors to the Borough.

The campaign is run as a partnership between the Council and a dedicated group of Coordinators who work tirelessly throughout the year to deliver a programme of activities which seek to involve the community. Attendance numbers over the last year have been in excess of 14000 with a staggering 9000 volunteer hours given in support of the Borough’s parks and green spaces, which is a real testimony to the reputation and support that we have.

We feel we have established something quite special, in fact it could be said to be quite unique. Eighteen years on and involving literally thousands of people who participate and give willingly to support what has become a very well respected community engaging campaign; Fareham in Bloom continues to excel with new and innovative ideas.

Bringing People and Parks Together is what we do and do well


The Fareham in Bloom Team