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Fareham in Bloom

Bringing people and parks together




The local gardening competition was in effect the very beginning of what was to become Fareham in Bloom campaign “Bringing People and Parks Together”. It started in 1996 to encourage people to take a pride in their environment and improve the Borough by planting bright and colourful planting schemes.


In 2013 we have relaunched the competition with new marketing material, “give aways” and events in the town centre and a launch event at our sponsor St Margaret’s Nursery on 6th June.


Following on from the beginning of the campaign Fareham entered the South of England in Bloom competition which was the regional part of the Britain in Bloom competition. The South of England competition was merged with the South East region to form the South and SouthEast in Bloom regional group (SSEIB) although in some categories they are still judged separately. Fareham has proved to be remarkably succcessful in this competition.


In 2011 Fareham in Bloom first supported entries into the RHS It's your Neighbourhood campaign. This is a non-competitive campaign supporting local community groups in cleaning up and greening up their immediate local environment.




How does your garden grow


The success of the Fareham in Bloom campaign relies heavily on the contributions of residents, community groups and businesses within the Borough. Community

gardening has always been at the centre of our campaign, greatly attributing to the Borough's rich and colourful look.


With this, our gardening competition was relaunched this year with a special workshop, held at St Margaret’s Nurseries on 27 April. The competition is open to residents, schools and businesses in the Borough with entries being judged during July. The entrants will be awarded from Bronze to Gold during a presentation evening at Ferneham Hall during September.


Entries must be within the Borough of Fareham and visible from the

front or side (except sections 3 & 5). You may enter a maximum of four categories in sections 1 – 4 or one category from sections 5 & 6.


A list of the various entry categories is shown to the right.


To complete an online entry form go to:





Section 1

1a Small floral front garden under 70m2

1b Large floral front garden over 70m2

1c Courtyard/forecourt garden up to 15m2

1d Plantman’s front garden – permanent planting schemes


Section 2

2 Hanging or wall basket

3 Container – window box/tub/ etc.

4 Floral display, incl. balconies, using any baskets/containers

5 Unusual garden feature


Section 3

6a Small floral garden under 100m2

6b Large floral garden over 100m2

6c Small plantman’s garden under 100m2

6d Large plantman’s garden over 100m2

6e Wildlife back garden


Section 4

7a Allotment garden up to 5 rods

7b Allotment garden over 5 rods


Section 5

8a Local authority run warden assisted/sheltered residential home, complex or day care facility

8b Other warden assisted/sheltered residential home, complex or other housing services provider

9 Business premises, incl. public houses

10 Large commercial landscape

11 Community floral display – your street, cul-de-sac, community centre, public service area

12 School gardening projects

The Fareham in Bloom Team